A pearl of the Adriatic

Popular destination for many tourists

Bellaria has been considered one of the most important seaside resorts on the Adriatic since the early 20th century. Over time it has obtained the Blue Flag because of its environmental quality and services, and has been recognised for two years in a row as an ideal place for the welcome it extends to its guests. Precisely for this reason we are among the most popular destinations for Italian and foreign tourists, and this fills us with pride!

The Bellaria of the past

The birth of the city

There are various theories about theorigin of the name Bellariabut the one considered most valid is the one concerning an exclamation by Pope Gregory XII. It seems that in 1414, as a guest of Carlo Malatesta, looking out of the window of his palace, after having inhaled the good sea air for a long time, he exclaimed with great relief: 'Oh, che bell'aere' (Oh, what beautiful air), thus giving the place its name.

In truth, traces of the name Bellaria have been found in a fortified residence in the nearby area of Bellaria Monte, where 'Bellaere' is mentioned in a Malatesta will dating back to 1311.

But these are also times when history is mixed with legends: Saracen pirate raids were always feared, which is why the Papal State had a series of fortifications built to protect the Romagna coastline. One perfectly preserved trace is the watchtower, named by the citizens Saracen Towerwhich has also become the symbol of the city in the municipal coat of arms, where the Shell Museum is housed.

In the footsteps of Alfredo Panzini

The writer's love for Bellaria

For the great writer and professor Alfredo Panzini there was a love affair with the city, so much so that it would first be the site of the professor's summer holidays, then, after retirement, his residence for much of the year. It was here that he made friends with other men of letters from Romagna and found a safe haven from the modernity of big cities, a place where he could cultivate his love of literature and the land, so much so that he described it in some of his works, which have become the symbol of descriptions of the essence of Bellaria.

His summer residence, named Red House, has recently undergone restoration and in the park, meetings with writers and various cultural events take place every summer.

The waterfront

New look, new freedom

Welcome sweet mobility! On new waterfrontnow completely pedestrianised, a beautiful cycle and pedestrian pathway surrounded by greenery and flowers awaits you, which is also easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

From now on, it is also a 'place to be', thanks to the various seats, also in the shade, where people can meet, chat and take a relaxing break, perhaps even cooling off near the fountains.

In addition to daytime, our new promenade is the meeting place especially at night, for relaxing moonlit walks where you can shop in the shops, enjoy local specialities, an ice cream or a drink in one of the many bars, pubs and restaurants open until late.

Bellaria for living

Events and activities

Bellaria is among the most popular cities as a backdrop for the major sporting eventsespecially in summer. At the beginning of summer, the beach and streets are transformed into beach volleyball courts and courses for triathlons and other sports competitions.

La music is always in the spotlight at the Beky Bay, a nightclub directly on the sand, where you can eat and dance until late to music of various kinds. It is also the stage for the Bay Fest event and concerts by the hottest artists of the moment who enliven the beach at night with their hits.

If you are looking for a special souvenir, the markets await you during the weekly evenings with stalls selling handicrafts, food and wine and Italian style! And for the kids, it is impossible to miss Dream Film: the outdoor cinema dedicated to children and all those who love to dream in colour, with two evening events in Bellaria and Igea Marina! Finally, we cannot fail to mention the unmissable event of the Romagna summer, the Pink Night, which also colours the beach and streets of Bellaria pink. 


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